Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Latest trip to Walgreens - ice cream, Halloween candy, cereal bars, toilet paper, etc.

As you see, Walgreens September Booklet is available and full of great discounts. The best part is, you can wait for a sale to happen and combine it with manufacturers coupons to make a great purchase.
In the meantime, pick it up @ your local drugstore and keep it handy.

I can't mention this enough - I hope you are keeping up with my posts, where you can find links to tons of online printable coupons, manufacturers coupons, stores coupons, etc.

There are few ways to be up-to-date with them:
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Something that is not being promoted on their weekly flyer is the 5/$10.00 cereal bar boxes SALE. Almost all of them are included so don't forget to check out all your printed on-hand coupons to see which ones you can use and make a sweet investment.

Claritin 24 is a big hit these days and Walgreens has it $4.00 OFF. Add the manufacturers coupon for another $4.00 OFF and feel good about your purchase.

Angel Soft 9 rolls is on SALE for $4.00 - 1/$0.50 OFF MC = $3.50
Domino Sugar 4lb. is on SALE for $2.49 with Walgreens coupon + 1/$1.00 OFF MC = $1.49
(I requested this MC from the contact form @ their website - visit my "To keep - to toss" section to find out more about it)
To wrap it up, Blue Bell ice cream 1/2 gallon is on SALE for $3.99 + 1/$1.00 OFF MC = $2.99
You can get this coupon signing up HERE and then visiting their coupons section - I printed this coupon @ least 4 times so, enjoy!

*MC = manufacturer coupon

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