About me

Welcome to South Florida Coupon Therapy.
I am an entrepreneur, mom of 2 and not the typical housewife.
My motto? why paying full price when you don't have to...

How did this blog start?

We downsized and it has being the best thing that could happened to my family, specially to me.
I know that moving from SW Ranches back to Weston, cooking 5 nights a week instead of 3 and going out just one night out of 2 is not what most people call "financially adjustment" but, it was for me.
To make a long story short, I was miserable before downsizing. Working like a crazy maniac to make sure bills get paid by their due date: it was NOT a happy life and it showed right when I started having healthy problems and being all stressed out didn't help at all.
Most important, I wasn't focusing on what's IMPORTANT.
Sooner than later I realized I've been wasting my time and $ just because, without being smart about how to spend them. 
Do I make sense? I hope so.
Today, I'm a very-well domesticated entrepreneur. I clean and cook, spend quality time with my family and consider myself so blessed.
I learned valuable lessons along the way and I have to tell you, being frugal has allowed me to live a better life. I'm happy and, when mama is happy... everybody is!
Even though my husband is able to fully support us, I still run 3 different ventures in a more mellow mood, I'm lucky to do what I love for a living and the rest is all therapy.
This blog is my daily affirmation that I'm doing just fine.



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