Wednesday, August 31, 2011

$15 per VersaSpa Spray Tan ($30 Value) @ Boca Tanning in Weston, FL

I'm from the generation that used to fry on the tanning bed or by the pool. Today, VersaSpa Spray Tan is the way I do it, without all those paintful aftermath sun/bed burns. Gotta have it!

Girls, today’s Coup will not only give your skin that sun-kissed tan (which I’m convinced also makes anything I wear automatically look better), but a smooth and clear complexion as well when you choose from the following options at Boca Tanning Club of Weston:

• $30 for 1-Month Unlimited Red-Light Therapy ($109 Value)
• $30 for 1-Month Unlimited Tanning ($95 Value)
• $15 per VersaSpa Spray Tan ($30 Value)

Click HERE to get yours...

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