Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 FREE Customized Holiday Cards w/FREE shipping

ShopAtHome gives cash back to shoppers for purchases made through ShopAtHome, they have the hook up with tons of our favorite online stores. Simply like that.

What's next?
Registrer HERE, it's free.
Time to shop! Click on the image below ("shop now") and then let's go to My Publisher where we will receive a 6% cash back from our purchase + FREE Holidays Cards + FREE shipping!
Are you still with me? Go to Cards > Holidays or another choice > start customization > check out > promotional code: HAPPY10FREE
We will get 6% cash back deposited into our ShopAtHome account within 30 days and a check in the mail when our accounts reach $20.00
I will be posting ShopatHome offers on a regular basis so, stay tuned for our next saving!
ShopAtHome.com started as a company offering a "Catalog of Catalogs," and, through feedback from users and advances in technology, has become the online coupon powerhouse it is today, with more than 50 employees, including an entire team dedicated to scouring the web for coupons and deals.
Through its partnership with thousands of online retailers, catalogs and magazines, ShopAtHome.com fulfills its mission of offering the latest products, up-to-the-minute deals and Cash Back for consumers who shop online while it generates targeted leads for the direct response industry.

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