Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy End on my fiasco trip to Publix - Show and Tell - I paid $23.84

For those who don't know me well, I'm far away from being a quitter and this post is not about the $1.50 I saved... it's about principles.
After I came back from my morning field trip to Publix (pretty aggravated... read HERE to find out about it) I needed to go to work - I'm a local photographer, so I couldn't go back right away and finish today's novela (soap opera).

I'm happily to say, I just came back home with my $1.50 and the way I resolved was:
- I talked to the manager.
- I brought a printed copy of Publix's coupon policy.
- She apologized about the lack of knowledge on their associates part.
- She made copies of my receipt, policy and finally... the $1.50 redeemed coupon.
- She promised me this won't happen again.

Time to show you what I've got from Publix this morning:

2 Axe body wash $4.99 - 1/B1G1 FREE MC - 1/$1.50 OFF MC = $3.49 or $1.75 each
Dove body wash $4.99 - 1/$1.00 OFF MC - 1/$3.00 OFF SC WYB3 = $0.99
B1G1 Axe coupon is from today's newspaper
$1.50 OFF MC is from HERE (still available)
Dove 1.00 OFF came from an October newspaper
1/$3.00 OFF is from a Publix flyer (not longer available) and expiring 10/28. I used it just in time!

3 Ore–Ida potatoes bags $11.61 - 1/Bag FREE WYB2 SC ($3.87) - 1/$1.50 OFF MC WYB3 = $6.24 or $2.08 per bag
SC came from today's newspaper (Publix flyer)
MC is from a September newspaper
2 Zephyrhills Sparkling Water 1lt. $1.98 - B1G1 FREE MC ($0.99) = $0.99 or $0.50 per bottle
MC is from today's newspaper

3 Marie Callender's pies 10 oz. $7.71 - 1/Pie FREE WYB2 SC ($2.57) = $5.14 or $1.71 per pie
Finish 20 ct. on SALE for $2.99 - 1/$1.00 OFF MC = $1.99
SC came from today's newspaper (Publix flyer)
MC is from an October newspaper

2 Beneful dry dog food 3.5 lbs. each $9.00 - 2/$2.00 OFF MC = $5.00 or $2.50 each
One MC I received by mail from the manufacturer the other one is from a September newspaper

Retail price: $48.26
I paid $23.84

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