Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

For privacy reasons I do NOT enter my date of birth correctly on any online form. I use one of my kid's birthday and change the year to the one I was born.
BUT, there are few places where is worth it to add my correct DOB... Happy Bday to me!

Panera Bread card -  from complimentary items in the bakery-cafe to exclusive tastings and demonstrations, MyPanera is always thinking of unique ways to thank you. Simply stop in a participating bakery-cafe and ask an Associate for a MyPanera card and register online.

Starbucks Ice cream - you'll receive coupons, recipes, news about new flavors and more right in your inbox! (I printed this coupon twice, using the back button)

Sign up to get your doses of via email (newsletters) and you will get a surprise by mail during your birthday month.

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