Saturday, July 23, 2011

Couponing 101 - Publix

I just want to remind you I'm not a stockpiler. I buy products my family and I consume on a daily basis... and some extra to get us by until the next sale.
I rarely buy newspapers cause' luck of good inserts.
I mostly rely on word of mouth, stores flyers, manufacturers online offers and free coupons websites.

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How to get products for 1/2 price, cents or even for FREE?

I always start with giving a visit to my local supermarket. I grab their current flyers, I take pictures of the isles that I'm interested in and I leave (most of the time with merchandise I scouted during my last trip, of course).

The trick is to combine SALE + store's coupon + manufacturer's coupon.
I know, it looks like the perfect equation (hard to get)... but, don't get discouraged - it happens!

This is a very good example of it:

1/$2 OFF Publix's current flyer (good til' 8/5/11)
1/$1 OFF manufacturer's website coupon
Regular price is $4.39 - coupons ($3.00) = your price $1.39 for 1lt.

Things to have in mind:

  • Florida is well-know for not doubling coupons, meaning you can only use 1 manufacturer coupon + 1 store coupon per item max.
  • No percent-off purchase or percent-off items coupons accepted.
  • When getting a BOGO free, you need to buy both items to get the offer.
  • You cannot receive Cash Back on an item purchased. No money-makers here.
  • They accept competitors (ex. Target) coupons which can be combined with SALE + manufacturer's coupon.
  • Each store has it owns competitors and policy. It doesn't matter it belongs to a chain.
Check out your local Publix weekly ads from your computer or smart phone HERE

Official Publix coupon policy

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