Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today's CVS scenario 10/16/11

I'm drawing the (almost) same scenario I did for Walgreens so you can see  the difference and how these two drugstores compete for your $. You are better off buying these 2 items @ Walgreens.
Once again, multiple transactions are allowed.
Transaction #1
Schick Hydro $8.29 - 1/$5.00 OFF MC = $3.29 out of your pocket
you will get $3.00 ECB from this transaction.

Transaction #2
2 Theraflu $11.00 - 1/$3.00 OFF WYB2 MC - $3.00 ECB from Transaction #1 = $5.00 out of your pocket
you will get another $3.00 ECB from this transaction.

Total retail price w/ card: $19.29
Out of your pocket: $8.29
Got back $3.00 ECB
Final cost $5.29

For more info on how CVS coupon program works visit Couponing 101 section.

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