Monday, October 17, 2011

To keep to toss - 2nd week of October 2011

Tons of things in the mail!
I've got the check for the broken iPhone. Click HERE for more info on how to DIY.
Weston Gazette brought a community discount booklet with a couple of decent deals.
More offers from Victoria's Secret and the weekly 50% OFF from Joann's, love it!

Many FREE samples have arrived. I've been posting about them thru my Facebook page and Twitter account when available. Hope you got a hold on them...

Last but not least, I've received complimentary coupons from some manufacturers I've contacted weeks ago through their websites. Where and how can you get yours? I have those answers... follow the links:
Skinny Cow
Birds Eye

What exactly do I write to them?

My family and I love your products and I was wondering if you have any complimentary coupons at this moment.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Feel free to visit "To keep - to toss" section and find all the manufacturers I already contacted and I've got coupons from. Good Luck!

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