Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couponing 101 - Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie offers a complimentary reward card, which you can get from HERE to participate in special programs and promotions not available to non-cardholders.
You can use the card in many gas stations as well and get some extra points. For more info about it go HERE.
To get B1G1 FREE you must buy the 2 items to get the discount, and you can use 2 MC on this promotion (one for the item you pay for, one for the free item).
The registers at Winn-Dixie print catalina coupons. Most of them are MC for a specific product, others are $ OFF a certain amount of ANYTHING in store coupons.
Winn Dixie doesn't price match or take competitor coupons, but you can stack one MC + one SC per item.

Winn Dixie doesn’t have an official coupon policy but all of the above has been experienced by me - If you have any questions: 1-866-946-6349 or go to and select the ‘Contact Us’ link.

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