Sunday, September 18, 2011

To keep to toss - 2nd week of September 2011

Did you check your mail yet? You should. I've got a Dunkin Donuts booklet with tons of great deals, a Chick-fil-A postcard with 3 neat coupons on it and a healthy Wendy's flyer.
Also, I've received the new Costco booklet, which you can request @ the customer service desk next time you visit the store.
If you pass by Publix don't forget to pick up their "Big Deals for Baby!" booklet, which is good til' the end of the month.

 I've just got a new phone so I don't have pictures of all the FREE samples I received in the mail during this week.

Nescafe sample from HERE
Eucerin sample and coupons from HERE
2nd round of Splenda sample and coupons from HERE

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