Monday, September 19, 2011

My latest trip to... almost everywhere!

I wish I could tell you I found great deals during the weekend BUT, I didn't... retailers are playing way too many "tricky" discount games.
I went to Publix first and they have tons of B1G1 FREE of nothing I need at this moment so... didn't buy anything from them.
Then I checked out CVS and Walgreens... another fiasco. I don't know, maybe it's just me!
After that, I went to Walmart, where I bought the following:

Olivari olive oil 51oz. $10.98 - 1/$1.00 OFF MC = $9.98
Kashi cereal $3.98 - $1.50 OFF MC (from sample box they sent me a month ago) = $2.48
SnackWell bars $2.50 - 1/$0.75 OFF MC (from last weekend newspaper) = $1.75
Emer-C vitamins $5.47 - 1/$2.00 OFF MC = $3.47

Retail price: $22.93
I paid $17.68 (not much of a bargain)

Finally, I went to Costco (big mistake, that place was a jungle) where I grabbed a few things:
Laundry detergent 120 loads $14.59 - $2.75 OFF SC = $11.84
Ravioli $9.89 - $2.50 OFF SC = $7.39
Cookie dough 5 lb. $7.79 - $2.50 OFF SC = $5.29

Retail price: $32.27
I paid $24.52 (not bad)

*SC = store coupon

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